The Brown Sunshine

ISBN: 978-9356734340

MRP: 499/-

Pages: 377

“Anthony Biswas, is a successful forensic pathologist who sees the world through a lens of pain. Not because he spends more time with the dead than the living, but because he pushes away everyone in his life, except his memories and his bottle. Memories of a horrific accident in a school trip to Darjeeling that traumatized him and his 4 friends. As each one of them goes through different stages of grief, Biswas doesn’t move on. He keeps running in circles. As reality begins to fold upon itself, blending the waking world with the landscapes of his dreams. The mystery unravels, and the answers are more horrifying than the questions. Faced with an existential truth older than the civilization’s presence, he must decide to “”save”” himself while answering a few questions.

What if your loved ones disappear and nobody remembers them, except you?

Like they never existed, except in your memories.

Have our “”choices”” been made for who we are? Or are they a result of rolling a multicolored dice?

“”The Brown Sunshine”” by Arvind Rishi, is a psychological thriller rooted in India, invites it’s readers to embark on an emotional journey filled with hope and despair, introspection and extrospection, some newfound wisdom and a dash of insanity.”